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2024! Sincere thanks for 43 Years of Results & 28 Years of Pawformance Dog Sports!
In Livingston Co., MI

Previous long running #1 and first page puppy class search hits on Google and Yahoo!

Pictures of my north Howell training center where some specials are held.
Entry classes are offered through Brighton Community Education (BCE) in Brighton, MI.

Hello, my pending fall classes through Brighton Comm. Ed are posted!
New! Results Puppy Class, condensed to four weeks, terrific for older puppies!
Results mature Puppy grads may be able to join Obed. & Manners One Extra instead of One.
Recreational Agility has a new location, we'll be in the carpeted Hilton Multi Purpose room.
Registration with Brighton Comm. Ed. opens on line in August. Register early to
avoid disappointment! Click on the blue rectangle Schedule above FMI.
Join us for common sense training, most pets love class as much or more than their people!

Inclement Weather? If Brighton Area Schools are closed, our evening classes are probably cancelled and every attempt will be made to reschedule.
Major cancellations will be broadcast on WHMI (93.5 FM). BCE will advise, have your current email on file.

Get off the couch! Join a class and have special time out with your best friend! Meet other like minded people and get some exercise, too!

Results - Pawformance Sports! 2024 My Training Classes Are NOT The Same As Others! Forty three years of terrific, structured programs based on common sense - not treats, toys, clickers and never electronics!
Your paws will thank you!!

Issues with current training? Getting sass? Shy or anxious pet?
If your pet's issue(s) are not too serious, it is not a problem to join. Get some common sense help - sign up for a "Results" puppy or dog training class and relax! With the right coach at your side, you may experience training with a cognitive approach.

You will *never* be told to "bring a hungry" pup to class! I believe that a pup should enjoy going through life without always hoping for a treat because it is hungry! The focus at Results is for a pet to be able to relax and enjoy life, too!

Teaching is a lot like being a coach - very rewarding! When my youngest played soccer, I was a 'team manager mom' for years. In my early years, being a coach for those in my "Kids & K-9s" classes and Conformation classes for junior handlers was a way to 'give back' to the sport of dogs that I dearly love. Today every dog event I attend, I see people I helped to get their start in the sport.

Being a coach in any venue helps people of all ages to develop discipline, dedication, heart and a respect for others. In 'dogs' - both two and four footed spirits. I am so fortunate to be able to continue my passion. If you are in need of help with your pet, join the 'Results-Pawformance' pack. Warning - training here may be addicting! On a postive note, it may turn into a terrific hobby! Even better, your pup may enjoy as much or more than you... Many pups just 'know' when it is time for class before they leave their home! How cool is that?!

Before registering with BCE, please go to my Schedule page (blue rectangle link at the top of this page) and scroll down. Follow the steps #1 - #5 to navigate the information to help ensure your pet is correctly registered. I work with the registered 'main trainer' at class. As consistency is important, a mature household member is encouraged to observe at no additional charge.

Trainers attending have come from: Allen Park, Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Brighton, Byron, Canton, Chelsea, Clarkston, Commerce (one Commerce trainer even trains his son's dogs that reside in Royal Oak), Dearborn Heights, Drayton Plains, Durand, Farmington Hills, Fenton, Flint, Flushing, Fowlerville, Frankenmuth, Garden City, Green Oak Township, Hartland, Highland, Holly, Howell, Irish Hills, Keego Harbor, Leonard, Livonia, Melvindale, Midland, Milford, New Hudson, Northville, Novi, Ortonville, Pinckney, Pleasant Ridge, Plymouth, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Rockford, Royal Oak, Southfield, South Lyon, Trenton, Ubly, Walled Lake, West Bloomfield and Whitmore Lake! Some people have come from Ohio and a guest from Northridge, CA with American Eskimos - she did not make the trip just to train here, lol!
Thank you to all for your travel time and trust in my program!

For some, training doesn't end after basics are learned. Training here offers a chance to learn a life style with your pet that keeps giving to both ends of the leash! For best Results - follow instruction and please do not train ahead of the program.

All Puppy Training Classes are NOT the Same! This layered program is based on 'common sense'. My Puppy Class is *not* a wild party! It is structured with monitored social time. There is homework, your pet is not going to learn by showing up at class once a week. : )

If you are debating about registering for Puppy class or waiting to start in Obedience & Manners One, read the following. This note is from a Results trainer who beginning in the 1980s has trained four dogs with me, all starting in the Obedience & Manners level. Her "Rio" was the first to do Puppy class. Note - "Rio" is an active, confident, respectful and happy Labrador Retriever!

Hi Mary! Thank you for all the info ... I am really glad we were able to go through the puppy class! It has made a huge difference! When I call her with the come command from across the yard, she comes running. She also has a respect for me that the other dogs did not have until later. It really is an important class for building the foundation for future training.  And it's just right, it doesn't expect too much from a puppy, but definitely does build the respect. I'm loving my time with her! ...Thanks again! I will practice with Rio during the summer, and look forward to om1.  Gail B.

More comments along with class rosters are noted on my Trainer's Bark Newsletter. Use the "News Referrals" link found at the top of this page (blue rectangle).

Much Experience! In Livingston County since 1981, Results Puppy and Dog Training & Pawformance Dog Sports!

From the litter to your best friend... Training director and instructor - Mary T. Ratelle. My background link is at the bottom of this page. Offering pet owners a unique hands-on, praise reward program for companion dogs. This approach is based on building a relationship to help your pet gain confidence and self esteem with manners - not clickers & treats, toys, electronics or remotes! While enhancements to my program have taken place since the early years, my base has stayed the same, based on common sense - because it works! Praise is the best 'positive' training, as you always have it with you and there is no need to keep your pet 'hungry' (not very positive from a pet's view) so it will (hopefully) perform for a treat!

This Results simple and efficient approach works best when started with a puppy, however Results may be attained with older pets, too when mutual respect, responsible care and fulfilling exercise needs are provided. Proper handling in between structured leash training sessions is just as important as teaching responses to commands. Thus, the first class is for trainers and their mature household members, the pets stay home!

If you are new, be sure to read the Program & Class Information page. The use of food for sits, downs, comes and stays is simply not done! Please note when reading my handouts, praise reward! Even after following a very nice orientation with demonstations it is surprising to me that some trainers come in choosing to train at their pets instead of bonding with them ... using food and/or signals - even when pets are not responsive! Keeping the focus on the trainer is most important, not teaching the pets to watch the hand, pocket, bait bag or mouth hoping for a snack or toy!

Treats are used for leash training puppies in Puppy and Conformation show (when offered) classes only. Treats are also used for housetraining (potty outdoors), crate training, bed time and just because! After basics and manners are learned, treats may be used in O&M Two and Three for an occasional exercise.

Dog sport interest? . Not surprising, this practical program for companion dogs offers a wonderful base for many dog sports! Trainers desiring to do more with their pets in many venues usually find that attaining titles happens with ease when compared to the pets that have the shock of no treats when in a ring or on a course. Take a look at the "Awards" page, link is above!

If advanced training with your dog sounds like fun, when basic training is done, join us for Obedience & Manners Two Plus! Especially nice to do with like-minded, drama free people! After base training, my Pawformance Sports! classes take training to another level! Terrific for dogs that like to be busy and people that enjoy a night out with their pup(s)... Some trainers enjoy training more than one pet at a time!

I have been called a dog whisperer for decades because I 'know dogs'. I do not follow the current media trends of 'dog whisperer' labels that may be a hyped business lure or fabricated drama attention getter. I believe that true dog whisperers do not need to rely on dysfunctional methods, keeping a pup hungry so it will respond to a treat, harsh handling, nor does a person need to yell or shout. I have been told by many that I can bring the best out of any dog. I am not certain about that, but I am certain that I do try my best! One of my favorite compliments received is how happy my dogs are! See the quick read below... an older note that still resonates. To view more comments, visit the 'News Referrals' page, a link is at the top of this page.

Dear Mary,
We really enjoyed watching "Annie" (Chelsea's Gala Parade CD, CGC) at the Lansing Dog Show. At the show it really became clear to us what a special relationship you have with your animals. There were many people there that had very well trained dogs yet didn't really seem to understand their animals. As the Monks of New Skete said in their book "How to be Your Dog's Best Friend", "While the dog performed well one wonders what the total dog-human relationship was like." Unfortunately, the judges don't score on this and I'm sure breeders that form "true bonds" are rare. You have a very special skill and you are lucky to have a job you truly love. ... Your friends, Barbara & Ole - "Skyla" - Chelsea' s Skyrocket - Golden Retriever

Thanks to the Livingston County Press - Argus Hometown Newspaper for the April 13, 2005 'Neighbor' story titled:
'Dog Whisperer' Tames Wild-at-Heart Canines.

Prior to my move (and retiring again), my Puppy page was a long time non-paid for 'Puppy Class' #1 search of over 1,000,000 Hits!
October 2007 - Google #1 and in September 2006 - Yahoo #1

Decades of pet involvement in various venues! Due to various factors, I have slowed down a bit!
As in the past and present, my greatest thrill is seeing a trainer and their pet 'get it' !

Still most important - I am appreciative to be a class instructor for many with happy, well-behaved companions!

Following, a brief synopsis of outside of class past accomplishments:

Owner of the top 2007 AKC Rally-Obedience Havanese in the USA:
Champion Shaggyluv Chelsea's Touche AKC Companion Dog (CD), Rally-Advanced (RA) and Therapy Pass.
"Touche'" won multiple best of breeds, including two over the Westminsiter winner of the year from
and a Toy Group first (21 breed champions) from the puppy class - always owner handled!
Professional handler - Best In Specialty and multiple Group placements with my Goldens and various breeds!
AKC Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International evaluator.
Long time contract writer for the Detroit News - Kennel & Bench.
Results staff hosted the first ever AKC Canine Good Citizen Test in Michigan which was held in conjunction with Howell's Balloonfest!
Ears for the Deaf - Paws With a Cause - Field Trainer and Presenation Coordinator and SE Michigan Assistant Director.
Trainer of the first certified hearing dog in Livingston County!
Michigan Hunting Retriever Club early Livingston County chapter founding member.
MC for the Detroit Kennel Club Retriever Demonstration with Sharon Fowler, Sunflight Labrador Retrievers
Presented with the Dog World Sportsmanship Award by the Great Pyrenees Club of MI
Featured in Dog World International Magazine and pictured doing agility in the AKC Gazette
Breeder - owner of the original Chelsea Golden Retrievers prefix 1977+
Including the following Goldens pictured doing agility in "The Golden Years" by Siegal-Margolis:
Am and Can OTCH, U-CDX Chelsea's Indian Strawberry, UDX, MX, AXJ, AAD CGC - Golden Retriever - "Indy" - Jim L. & Mary T. Ratelle
Can OTCH, U-CDX Chelsea's Chippewa Chief AM Can UD, AX, NAJ, AD, P1, S-CDX, CGC - "Chip" - Golden Retriever - Valerie M. & Mary T. Ratelle

More info at: Instructor Background Link

Caution: Fraud alert! The Results Dog Training and Pawformance names, handouts and advertising material and even a previous PO address (!) has been used by others doing in home consultations, personal training and group classes. Note I, Mary T. Ratelle do all instruction, staff is not employed.
If my name is used by another, simply do not write a check! One person was out $300. Do get pertinent information, copy driver license if possible and get license plate information. If possible, take a picture! Please advise if you receive material with my name. Thank you!

Puppy Scams are more frequent around holidays, but do take place year round. If you are shopping for a puppy, be vigilant and do your research before purchasing. Retain all documents and communications from the seller. If you may have been a victim of a scam, please file a complaint. If the transaction took place in Michigan, copy and paste this link for the State of MI. Attorney General:

Another alert - dog snatching! Sadly puppy and dog thefts have always been a concern for resale and pets (not just dogs) being used as dog fighting bait. Guard your pets and when warranted, do check new pets for existing microchips. This is a real concern. One of my "Chelsea" Golden Retriever pups was lifted out of an Oakland County backyard. I was also involved with recovering a litter that was stolen here in Livingston Count.

Aspirin pain relief products and Xylitol. Meds should be cleared with your veterinarian before giving. Note that Xylitol sweetner is very harmful to dogs and it may now be found in aspirin! It may cause a sudden release of insulin which then leads to a sudden drop of blood sugar. Be aware it is found in many products, check labels before letting your pet share snacks that are labeled for people. Please check with your veterinarian for a safe pain management.

To help prevent issues, please read this article, even if you do not have children.
Your pet(s) may be around younger people visiting at your home or when pet are away.

Raising a Dog in a House with Children
By Mary T. Ratelle, published in the March 2006 issue of the Livingston Parent Journal

Instructor Background Link

Training personal dogs since 1967.
Showing purebred dogs since 1971.

"Results" Puppy & Dog Classes - Since 1981 - 43 years
"Pawformance Sports!" - Since 1996 - 28 years
Celebrating decades of training services
in Livingston County!

1981 - 2024

Agility field at my previous group class location. "Pawformance" Sports! (PDS) agility started with the USDAA in 1992 and soon after UKC, before AKC!

Warning - training here can be habit forming - people and their s have fun!!


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